What Is the Definition of Emphatic

The decision of the Daily Beast office was clear and emphatic: penguin, penguin, penguin. It`s a frightening, inhumanly elevated and strangely cropped and emphatic sound: „S-s-eeg maheevoh s-s-speeree.“ At the 92Y conference, de la Renta spoke emphatically about the future of his label. The CDC has also strongly promoted the technology. If current trends continue, with Africa`s last wild elephants and rhinos being killed before my daughter Charlotte reaches her 25th birthday, the question is: can we bother to do our part? By signing this declaration, you, the leaders of some of the world`s largest companies and transport agencies, are responding with a strong „yes“. Emphatic means powerful and clear. Nicole`s mother was adamant when she told her not to come home late. Lyrics by emphatic – Discover a wide range of lyrics interpreted by emphatic on the Lyrics.com website. „Not a misplaced word from me, Miss Dyce,“ he shouted emphatically. As far as we know, no one from the Clinton camp has seen this series, of course, I`m curious what they would think of it.

I can`t imagine that she will stay there, no matter how emphatic we are towards her. With a dominant voice and an emphatic, emphatic, emphatic „WOW!“ See full definition of emphatic in the dictionary of English language learners When something is emphatic, it emphasizes. A sentence is emphatically made by adding an exclamation mark, and the word carries within it the important and urgent feeling of that punctuation mark. When one baseball team beats another with 10 runs, the victory is emphatic, because like a strong speech, the victory is clear and powerful. We were tested, I think we succeeded. This will be Clemson`s fourth championship appearance in five years. Joe Burrow`s historic performanceIn the college football playoffs, LSU, Ohio State and Clemson were considered the elite teams, with Oklahoma being the only one of the four to have lost. And LSU (14-0), which won first place in the college football playoff standings — and thus avoided Ohio State and Clemson in the semifinals — benefited heavily from being the No. 1 seed.

LSU`s 63 points are a record for a college football playoff semifinal game. Burrow, winner of this year`s Heisman Trophy and widely regarded as the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft, is the first player in Football Subdivision history to score eight touchdowns in a bowl game. In the first half, Burrow threw for seven touchdowns, setting the record for touchdown passes in a game in every bowl game. Four of those touchdown receptions went to wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who set the all-time record in a single game with that record. „The document contained a particularly strong guarantee of religious freedom“ These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „emphatic.“ The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. He should receive this truth insistently from those responsible for his education. In this case, the same ideas are repeated with emphatic persistence, but few additions or variations. The president stressed that there would be no negotiations with the terrorists. While we do not officially forecast OPEC oil production, in a scenario where Iran launches 600,000 bpd by mid-year and other members maintain their current production, global oil supply could exceed demand by 1.5 million barrels per day in the first half of 2016, while the pace of inventory accumulation slows in the second half of the year.

as supply from non-OPEC producers declines. If nothing changes, the oil market could drown in oversupply. The answer to our question is therefore a resounding yes. It could go further. When Tom asked if it was better to go down and call that night, John was very adamant in his refusal. He rejected my offer with a slight nod. (Clinton) insisted on everything that needed to be done and all the assets that could be used if it were both effective and possible. Squire William also read it and gave it his strongest approval. Etymology: From ἐμφατικός, from (English emphasis), from ἐμφαίνω, from ἐν + φαίνω.

Emphatic is an American hard rock band from Omaha currently signed to Epochal/Capitol Records. Their debut album on a major label, Damage for Atlantic, reached #9 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart in 2011. The new album Another Life was released on October 22, 2013. The album`s first single, „Remember Me“, released on August 20, 2013, reached the top 40 of the active rock and mainstream rock charts in the United States. A few days before its release, the album in its entirety will be broadcast exclusively on the Revolver Magazine website. . belonging to a series of English tenses comprising the auxiliary verb do + an infinitive without. . . .