What Is a Connecting Carrier Agreement

4. The formula for calculating market share throughout the duration of the agreement or in a sub-trade shall be as follows: the total volume of liner freight carried on the liners of each liner operator during the entire duration of the agreement or in the sub-trade during the last calendar quarter for which complete data are available, divided by the total line movements in the whole scope of the Agreement or in partial trade in the last calendar quarter for which complete data are available, divided by the total line movements in the entire scope of the Agreement or in partial trade in the last calendar quarter for which complete data are available, divided by the total line movements during the entire duration of the Agreement or in partial trade during the Agreement of the same calendar quarter; whose quotient is multiplied by 100. The calendar quarter used must be clearly identified. The market shares of non-contractual and contractual lines shall be indicated and indicated separately in the form indicated. 2. Any agreement to which this Section applies shall submit to the Commission, by a designated official, the minutes of all meetings referred to in point (b) of this Section, unless provided for in point (d) of this Section. (2) A declaration on each designated representative of the United States of the Agreement required under this Chapter. (g) The filing fee is $3,454 for new agreements and any contract amendments that require review and action by the Commission; $526 for agreements entered into under a delegated authority (for the types of agreements that can be settled under a delegated authority, see paragraph 501.27(e) of this chapter); $296 for carrier exemption agreements; and $87 for terminal exemption agreements. a) Agreements resulting from the power of attorney for an effective agreement, the terms of which are not fully defined in the effective agreement, to the extent required by § 535.402, are permitted without further submission only if they: (3) provide for the discussion or setting of tariffs on behalf of freight interests, terms of service or other tariff matters which do not provide for the tariff description of the service offered through Transshipment, port of transhipment and participation of the non-publishing freight forwarder. Natural or legal person for whom the carrier undertakes to carry the goods to a specific destination and at a certain price (contract of carriage).

(t) `monitoring report` means the report containing economic information to be submitted at specified intervals in respect of certain agreements which are in force by law. (b) A livestock contract shall be exempt from the registration requirements of the Act and this Part. (2) The transportation of the equipment as required, the payment thereof, the management of the logistics of the transfer, handling and positioning equipment, their use by the receiving carrier, their repair and maintenance, their damage and their liability in connection with the replacement of the equipment. 6. An indication of the details of the compliance/participation of the non-publishing air carrier in the publisher`s tariff; (b) Joint ocean carrier agreements do not require one or more members of the agreement to disclose any negotiation of a service contract or the terms of a service contract, except as required by Section 8(c)(3) of the Act (46 U.S.C. 40502(d)). Determine whether the agreement authorizes the parties to rationalize departures or services related to a port plan, the frequency of calls of ships to ports, or the size and capacity of vessels to be used. That authority shall not include the establishment of a shared service or the rationalisation of capacity in accordance with Parts 4B and 4(E) of this Section. (d) Any agreement that does not meet the filing requirements of this Section, including the applicable information form requirements, will be rejected pursuant to paragraph 535.601(b). (a) The Commission shall conduct a preliminary review of each agreement submitted to determine whether the agreement complies with the requirements of the Act and this Part and, if so, whether the attached information form is complete or, if not complete, whether the defect is adequately explained or excused by an exemption granted by the Commission under section 535.504. (f) Parties to agreements with a fixed expiry date shall submit any amendment requesting the extension of a fixed term or the removal of a termination date in sufficient time to comply with the 45-day waiting period prescribed by law. (b) A non-exclusive transhipment agreement shall be exempt from the notification requirements of the Law and this Part, provided that the tariff provisions of point (c) of this Section and the substantive requirements of point (d) of this Section are met.

(d) A conference agreement shall not require a member proposing independent measures to attend a conference meeting, to provide information other than that necessary for the publication of the independent tariff item or to follow any other procedure to explain, justify or compromise the proposed independent measure. (c) `annex` means a document containing additional elements of limited use and attached to an agreement; The President. The next item is the joint debate on the following motions for resolutions: (2) Where the parties to an agreement hold a combined market share, on the basis of freight volume, of 35 per cent or more throughout the United States, the territorial scope of the agreement and arrangement includes one of the following authorities: (b) unless suspended by a request for additional information or extended by a court order, the waiting period shall end and an agreement shall take effect at the late end of the 45th day following the submission of the agreement to the Commission or the 30th day following the publication of the notification of submission in the Federal Register. .