A General Agreement in Direction Creating Balanced Phrases Sentences or Ideas Is

Earlier in this chapter, we learned that increasing sentence diversity increases interest in a piece of writing and makes the reading process more enjoyable for others. Using a mixture of sentence lengths and patterns in an essay is an important writing technique. However, it is equally important to avoid the introduction of variations within individual sentences. A solid set consists of balanced parts that all have the same structure. In this section, we explore how to use simultaneity to create a balanced sentence structure. An easy way to look for parallelism in your writing is to make sure that you have paired nouns with nouns, verbs with verbs, prepositional sentences with prepositional sentences, etc. Underline each element of a sentence and verify that the corresponding element uses the same grammatical form. There are small sentences in our language that combine illustration and exemplification. A „Sisyphus task,“ for example, recalls the story of Sisyphus, who rolls a rock endlessly up a hill, only to bring it down every time it almost reaches the top. People use it to explain an unsuccessful and frustrating endeavor. Although both pleas refer to providing a stronger education system for people of color, the context of each claim was different. As an audience, you had the general public; the other spoke, at least initially, with the judges of the courts. The opportunity to plead before the Supreme Court required a formal and objective case from Marshall, while the Black Panthers sought a radical shift in the public`s perception of the status quo.

Marshall`s intention was to construct an argument that would stand up to scrutiny for decades, if not centuries, at least social segregation, and while the Black Panthers would likely have accepted this goal, their immediate goal was to lift the veil of white privilege. You leave your reader with a summary of the event and indicate the reasons for the investigation that you have outlined in the introduction. You may decide to end up with some ideas on how this event is relevant to the reader and the world right now. If you use a correlative conjunction, the words, phrases, or clauses that follow each part must be parallel. In the first movement, the construction of the second part of the movement does not coincide with the construction of the first part. In the second sentence, the omission of unnecessary words and appropriate verbal constructions creates a parallel structure. Sometimes rearranging a sentence corrects erroneous parallelism. You can see that comparison contrast works in a variety of different environments. In general, whenever you are asked to evaluate two or more things in a context, you are asked to use this strategy. When combining approaches, you need to create your article based on the steps to create an argument, and then incorporate sensory images, stories, and passionate requests into the structure as needed – often in the introduction and conclusion. Of course, people could also be categorized by belief systems; horses by temperament; chairs according to the level of comfort; wind in the direction; and trees by root structure. And this is where the key to classification lies: the choice of system.

Here, you`d like to briefly explain the „why“ of your article. What is the purpose of the activity or process to be described in the near future? You also list each step, and then give a general idea of what you describe in the last sentence of the paragraph. Parallel structure means using the same word pattern to show that two or more ideas have the same importance. This can be done at the word, sentence or clause level. The usual way to connect parallel structures is to use coordination conjunctions such as „and“ or „or“. Similarly, the organization of the Black Panthers` ten-point program may sound like a logical argument, but the content of „What we want now!“ is based on ideas of right and wrong, not objective data. For example, if you play the role of „the stranger“ in D.H. Lawrence`s Snake and J.

Rumis The Guest House discusses, your context is the concept of „the stranger.“ You can explore psychological and sociological views on strangers and fears; religious spiritual ideas and images that speculate on what the presence of a stranger might mean. You can go further and look for Jung`s concept of „shadow“ and explore what other philosophers and psychologists have postulated. You might even find other literary references to strangers and shadows to get an idea of how the concept has been treated over time. Classification is a method to better understand a subject by identifying the categories to which it belongs. When we use this ability to compare in the realm of ideas, our intellect comes to life. It is the diversity of opinions and thoughts that supports intellectual evolution. Exposure to two ideas that can be radical or only subtly different is exciting for the mind. We want to see exactly how these ideas differ, what they have in common, and what might be the best option in a particular context. Notice how phrases like „ready for a charge from Calvary,“ „landed on the ground with an accident,“ „she had landed on the ground on all fours,“ „that howl of pain, grief, and surprise,“ „my seven-year-old hectic brain,“ and „climbed back on the bunk bed with all the grace of a baby unicorn.

with a broken leg“ serve to lure the listener into the room with Shawn and his sister Amy. The rhetorical method of comparison-contrast is used to reveal the similarities and differences between two or more ideas, allowing for a deeper understanding of the two ideas and their relationship. Note that we are talking here about ideas and not „things“ or „texts“. This is because the underlying theme, even if you compare two texts or two things, are still the ideas they represent. When these sentences are written with a parallel structure, they seem more aesthetic because they are balanced. The repetition of the grammatical construction also minimizes the amount of work the reader has to do to decipher the sentence. This allows the reader to focus on the main idea of the sentence and not how the sentence is composed. While there are no strict rules for structuring your essay, there are some generally accepted conventions that will give you a head start in creating your argument and allow you to focus on the content. Read the following excerpt from Alex`s essay and review all cases of faulty parallelism. Rewrite sentences to create a parallel structure. When we decide to post a review, we do so for a reason. Usually, the reason for this is that we want people to agree with our point of view and even to advocate for the cause themselves.

Here`s where you give your audience the why: why your point of view makes sense, why your proposed course of action is the best, why other ideas aren`t as grounded, and why your thesis should be tattooed on their hearts. Well, okay, maybe it goes a little far. Persuasive tests generally do not have counter-arguments. Satire can be a particularly effective form of storytelling illustrated by Animal Farm and Gulliver`s Travels, as it exposes the shortcomings of an idea or society by telling a fictional story of another social group. Fictional characters depict real people or play with social ideas, which are mostly political in nature. All these sentences contain erroneous parallelism. Although factually correct, the construction is clumsy and confusing. The first example uses three different verbal forms. In the second and third examples, the author begins each sentence with a noun (coordination, jeans), but ends with a sentence (having a good view, wearing a suit). Now read the same three sentences that have correct parallelism. Comparison-contrast tests are characterized by their ability to distinguish.

When we examine both the similarities and differences between ideas, we examine them with more care and rigor than some other methods require. When you look at and describe a zebra, you get a layer of information, while comparing its similarities and differences with a horse gives you a different level: more nuanced and specific. A definition essay or the definition part of an essay or other type of writing leads the public to a common understanding of a word or concept. You don`t need to use this form excessively: you don`t want to waste your readers` time defining ideas that will be used in standard use. .